Every possible e-learning feature & education solution in a single package

Focus on the one thing that matters most – education

Avoid buggy apps and glitchy websites

Save your time, efforts and money - whilst saving yourself from countless headaches

Get tools, technologies & resources from - and as used by - Fortune100 companies

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Create Virtual Classrooms

Any size, any number

With options to create smaller study groups

Group and Private Chats

Automatic* or manual attendance

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Deliver Video Lectures

Live or recorded, with auto-save option*

Digital white-board & Screen-share options

Live participation & discussion

Absolute privacy & safety

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Study Materials

Use any and every format - documents, pictures, audios, videos, web links

Create and edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations

Option to create digital or hand written* pdfs

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Set time-limits, due dates & marking criteria

Support for digital & hand-written submissions

Inbuilt, automatic plagiarism detection (anti-copying) option*

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Homework & Tests

Create quizzes, long, short and multiple-choice questions

Set word-limits, time-limits, due dates & grades/ marks

Option to create collaborative group projects

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Common features*

Automatic Calendar sync and due date notifications

Mark/ check, comment, return, review submissions digitally

Track edit history & revisions of all submissions

Automatic grades/ marks compilation and report-generation

In-built, automatic Cloud Hosting & Storage for everything

Options to mitigate poor, intermittent or no cellular coverage/ data speeds

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Administrative Tasks & Management

Administrators can digitally replicate, manage & monitor the entire organisation & resources

Classroom, Teacher, Student activity & history reports** available for administrators

Educators can view overall & individual classroom, and individual student's history & activity for coursework, homework, tests, assignments, grades

Parents can receive student reports & communicate** with faculty & educators

Schedule a video conference

For details, pricing and live demos

*Subject to software/ hardware limitations and licencing types
**Subject to in-built privacy features - can't be edited or over-ridden.